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Airtightness Tapes

TP 654

TP 654

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TP654 is an impregnated, pre-compressed multi-functional window sealing tape based on 2 new technologies: 1. A 3-layer foam structure: the grey foam is an airtight closed cell foam which provides a 100% secure airtight connection to the window frame and the wall.

The black foam has a slow recovery time which allows a successful installation. 2. An airtight layer is inserted inside the tape, connecting the grey foam and the black foam from the top to the bottom.

Combined, these 2 technologies provide a high-performance sealing level with a driving rain resistance up to 1050 Pa and an airtightness level more than double the requirements.

  • High raintight and airtight performance level
  • Easy application: the tape can be installed either way around due to its variable Sd value.
  • Secure airtight installation on the window frame and the wall due to its 3-layer foam structure
  • Suitable for joints between 6 - 25 mm wide using only two sizes of TP654


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