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Airtightness Tapes

illbruck SP925 Air Seal Anthracite Foil

illbruck SP925 Air Seal Anthracite Foil

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SP925 is a one-component, low-viscosity sealant based on hybrid polymer technologies. It is chemically neutral, low odour and is compatible with most common building substrates. SP925 cures by reacting with the moisture in the air to form a firm, elastic, weather and airtight coating with good UV resistance. Due to its high elasticity SP925 is ideal for sealing small joints where movement is likely to occur. SP925 has excellent adhesion, even on slightly damp surfaces.

  • Easy sealing of complex
  • small joints
  • Very easy to handle
  • Brushable and sprayable
  • Permanently elastic
  • Fast curing
  • Solvent, isocyanate and silicone free
  • Can be applied to damp substrates


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