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Airtightness Tapes

Fire Rated Membrane

Fire Rated Membrane

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Our Fire Proof Membrane is a special waterproof membrane with high weather resistance and high fire rating.


Four-layer composite structure, with high tack initial adhesion, high peel strength and great weather resistance; Its low odour, no toxic and harmful substances, in line with high performance and environmental protection trends.


It also has good flame-retardant performance and meets the US UL94-V0 fire protection standard.

Used as a fire barrier under solar systems on pitched roofs and other general roofing and building fire retardant type applications.


  • FR performance (meets US UL94-V0 fire protection standard)
  • Anti slip external surface
  • High initial tack to allow to bond to most building surfaces
  • High weather resistance for all external and demanding use.
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