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Airtightness Tapes

3100 Black Airtight Tape

3100 Black Airtight Tape

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Our 3100 single sided tape is a 75 micron PE film, then coated with a 200 gsm of clear modified acrylic adhesive system with scrim for dimensional stability. The PE film is UV resistant for 12 months.

The clear modified adhesive is a highly aggressive adhesive system designed for demanding applications. The adhesive system is designed with excellent tack and adhesion values, even immediate especially on low energy surfaces and in difficult environmental conditions.

The adhesive system performs extremely well in humidity along with high and low temperatures it can be applied down to below 0℃.


Splicing and fixing of PO films and membranes on all the materials of roofs and wall cavities in buildings (vapor and wind barriers).

  • Perfect for internal and external Air and Weather Sealing
  • Great adhesiveness, even immediate, on low-energy surfaces and in difficult weather conditions
  • Excellent tack and adhesion values due to our high-performance CW cold weather adhesive
  • UV resistant for 12 months



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